Welcome to Sabrewatch security limited

Sabrewatch Security Limited is a specialist security company based in South West London, which covers London, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas. Our company is renowned for offering excellent standard hotel security to a wide range of clients.

Although Sabrewatch Security was formed in 2018, we have aimed to collect the best and most knowledgeable people in the field, to bring to our company the experience of over thirty years in the security industry of our team.

Our security teams are constructed from the best-qualified security professionals and are trained to provide the best possible environment. They are trained, not only to provide you with the best and the highest level of security, but also to adapt themselves to their clients’ needs and situations, enabling their clients to feel safe, comfortable and at ease, whilst proceeding with their routine. We understand that each member of our team needs to maintain the highest level of standards through their appearance and presentation as well, which is why we pride ourselves with the immaculate state of each of our team members. All our security professionals come from highly experienced security backgrounds such as police and military. They are all trained to communicate at the highest levels to enable them to diffuse situations quickly and discreetly should the need arise, but also to offer reassurance and clear instructions when needed.

With the increasing number of threats that occur around the world, we are continuously striving to improve our services and teams to give the highest level of security, during every situation or threat. All our officers and team leaders have been trained to the highest standards and have acquired skills which include report writing, first aid, self-defence, access control and CCTV systems.

Our main priorities include our clients’ personal safety, which also involves the safety of their image and reputation. We aim to offer our clients the best security services that will ensure their full protection, whether it is physical, moral or social; we will maintain your safety and offer the highest standards, as well as treat the tasks and clients with a full sense of integrity and responsibility.

Executive protection

Sabrewatch Security Limited can offer discreet Personal Protection Officers with both military and police service backgrounds

Risk management

Sabrewatch Security is made out of a management team that offers covert protection for clients in the UK.

VIP security chauffeur

At Sabrewatch Security we have an abundant experience in offering the best security to our VIP’s and business professionals

residential security

Residential security is one of the areas that is most commonly overlooked and not given enough consideration.

Hotel security

Our hotel security team will ensure that our client’s premises is well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation.

Specialist security

Through our experienced team we have gained an extensive experience in working with multinational companies.

Why choose us?

  • A true dedication to the development and training of all personnel
  • A skilled and experienced management team
  • A consultative partnership approach
  • A dynamic and agile business that puts its clients and people first

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