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Sabrewatch is a privately-owned company offering a multitude of services to which we have many years of operational experience. Formed out of a highly knowledgeable and experienced team, our security company constantly provides the highest level of protection. We are based in London, but we also cover Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas.

Sabrewatch security limited strive to be the best in the market and will only provide security personnel that have been fully trained and will benefit your company. Our main goal is to offer our clients the highest level of security as well as ensuring the safety of their image and reputation.

The directors of the company have combined over thirty years’ experience and ensured that each member of our team has come from highly professional security backgrounds that can reassure our clients of our experience and knowledge in every aspect of security.

Looking at each aspect of what security entails, we strive to offer the best services in our industry, while also adjusting to each new aspect of technology which might be a useful tool in offering our clients the best possible protection. Our services include hotel security risk management, residential security, specialist security, VIP security chauffeur and executive protection.

Our specialist security team have a vast knowledge and experience in security and protection, whether it is the personal protection of a client or the protection of large multinational corporations against threats from various activist factions. The professional security officers at Sabrewatch have learned to overestimate any situation, however small, which is why asset protection is highly important to us, so it is an aspect our employees will keep a close eye on. As there is an increasing trend that thieves see high-value goods as ‘easy pickings’ we have trained our officers to pay close attention to whenever such situations might arise.

As a specialist security company, Sabrewatch Security Limited, has high regards for values such as integrity, honesty and discretion, which is why all our protection officers have these values deeply embedded in their code and ensure to apply them whenever they are chosen for our clients’ protection. We are a reliable security company that will provide each of our clients with the highest level of protection, as well as ensure that the protection officer provided will offer them the best service and will show great ability to act and communicate under pressure if the situation should arise.

With Sabrewatch you can rest assured that we will keep you, your company or your family, safe in every aspect that we are required to provide.