Hotel Security

Our hotel security team will ensure that our clients” premises are well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation. They will also protect the property against damage by force of entry and theft.

• Internal and external site patrols
• Authorised room checks
• Staff and customer harassment prevention
• Access control

Executive protection

Sabrewatch Security Limited can offer discreet Personal Protection Officers with both military and police service backgrounds and officers with extensive security backgrounds. Our officers have extensive industry experience and can offer the best security services for corporate and individual clients.

• High professional standard
• Trusted, capable and reliable protection
• Fast adapting team

Residential security

Residential security is one of the areas that is most commonly overlooked and not given enough consideration. Since technology has proven very effective in offering automated security systems, people normally don’t see why there would be necessary to also have private officers for protection. But studies over the past years have shown that incidents may still happen that require a more personal approach, and that small to large security breaches can be avoided successfully.

• Professional security team
• Safe living environment
• Ensure your families safety and comfort

Specialist security

Through our experienced team, we have gained extensive experience with multinational companies. Our security teams are trained to act against groups that may be interested in sabotaging business interests and protect access to strategic sites.

• Specialist combat training
• Military and police backgrounds
• Incident management

VIP security chauffeur

At Sabrewatch Security we have abundant experience in offering the best security to our VIP’s and business professionals, while our operator’s flexibility allows them to undertake any additional tasks required by our client. Although we understand that nowadays personal security may require more than one person, our clients are always offered a Protection Officer that works both on surveillance and personal security.

• Close Protection Officer
• Designated security officer
• Safe travel
• Protection against physical violence from sources such as stalkers, terrorists, disgruntled employees and kidnappers.

Duties can include:
1. Pick up and safe transit to and from office.
2. Accompanying the client on business and social trips locally and internationally.
3. Emergency medical care.
4. Planning of primary, secondary and emergency routes.
5. Creation and implementation of security plans and standing operating procedures (SOP)